Sunday, 3 January 2010

Just Nan and Soda Pop Santa.

I managed to finish the sewing on Just Nan but had to wait until the 2nd January for my bellpull to be delivered. Anyway it is finished now and I really enjoyed doing it.

The Soda Pop Santa is nearly finished but there was a mini disaster with the border. I was working round to the last corner when I realised that I was going to be one thread out. After some frogging and working from the opposite corner I found where I had made the mistake. It was caused by a slub in the linen. I am now backstitching the border which is going to take ages. The photograph shows the sewing before disaster struck. The face is now completely backstitched and I think it makes quite a difference.
When this is finished I am going to start "Frosty Nights" by Lavender Wings. I couldn't resist sorting out the threads and hope to make a start soon. I have also to keep up with Yoyo's SAL and my Peacock Tapestry which has been a UFO for far too long. Chatelaine's "Alpine Mandala" is waiting in the wings too.
Father Christmas was really kind. Apart from "Christmas Eve" and "Frosty Nights" I also receive Lavender Wings "Santa's Magical Coat of Colours" and Victoria Sampler's "Gingerbread Garden Sampler". I have plenty to keep me busy. All this as well as the two costumes which have to be made. Happy stitching year to everyone.


  1. What a beautiful bell pull! I do have to say that the toy soldiers look like they are flexing! Macho, macho toy soldiers!! LOL

    Soda Pop Santa is lookin' great!

  2. Your bell pull turned out fantastic. Where do you get your pulls from? I love how simple they are because they don't take away from the piece at all but yet it has the little bell at the bottom...Love it! :)

  3. Your Just Nan finish is great. Hope you finish the Soda Pop Santa soon so that you can start something else.

  4. Your Soda Pop Santa is coming along well. Good job you spotted the 'green mouth syndrome' and the Oops on the border. I'd hoped frogs had gone on a long holiday but maybe not!
    The bell pull looks great. I too like the simple pulls.
    Waiting to see your next choice.
    Happy stitching to you