Sunday, 14 February 2010

Some progress at last

I have now finished the Four Elements but forgot to take photographs of the last two before they went to the framer, sorry about that. I will post them when I get them back.
I have been working on the Peacock Tapestry, or as it is known in our house "The Perishing Peacock". I did manage to finish all the stitching and backstitching on the chart to the right of the peacock and my next target is to complete and backstitch the leaves on the two sheets to the left of the peacock. This is easier said than done because I have made a start with the backstitching and already found stitches I have missed in four different blends. I have a little more of the border to do and then I will be able to wind the fabric down. I will really feel to have made progress then.

I have also done some more work on my santa ornaments for the Christmas SAL but I am leaving posting those until the end of the month.

My ort jar is in the garden again, this time with his, or is it her?, Valentine's Day hat on. My thanks to Silver Needle who sent my latest order wrapped in heart tissue paper and it seemed a pity to throw it away. I had to go on the internet to find how to make a paper hat, I had done made these as a child but I had completely lost the skill.

This for Yoyo's fun TUSAL.

I have added to my stash by buying the JABC set of buttons and free charts for the monthly teapots. I thought they would be fun and fairly quick to do. I have still to collect all the threads but will post as soon as I have one finished.
Happy stitching everyone. Thank you for calling in and welcome to new followers.