Saturday, 26 December 2009

Sweet Shoppe

This firescreen design was in a McCalls magazine in the 80s and was finished years ago. It has been rescued from the loft and will be used over the Christmas and winter season. I am hoping that my husband will needlepoint a rug with a gingerbread house design to go with it.

I have been working on Soda Pop Santa which I think is a great design BUT the chart is very faint and difficult to see. There are two symbols which are virtually identical and it was only when I found that Santa would have a green mouth that I realised this. There was not enough of 762 and 801 does not have a symbol. I have worked 3 Dimples Designs before and not had a problem so this was a bit of a disappointment. As you can see from the photo all that needs to be done is the backstitching on Santa and the border to be completed.

All my good intentions of finishing the Santa went out through the window on Christmas Day when my super sister gave me Christmas Eve by Just Nan. I could not resist starting and as you can see from the photo I made quite good progress. I haven't beaded or backstitched yet but will do that at the end. The chart is lovely and clear as always. I think it is a great design, I hope you do too.


  1. Very nice stitching! I love Soda Pop Santa.

  2. Very nice. The Soda Pop Santa looks really good, shame about the chart problems. Can't wait to see your Christmas Eve finished.

  3. Your Soda Pop Santa is looking good. Good job you realised the chart problems or else poor old Santa may have looked as if he'd finally been overworked and that the long journey had taken it's toll.
    Looking forward to seeing the progress on your Christmas Eve, it's doing well.
    Hope you have a really good New Year.
    Happy stitching to you.