Saturday, 12 December 2009

Difficulty with linen band

I have been busy stitching Victoria Sampler's Twelve Days of Christmas over the past ten days. I did not want to do the fancy stitched edge and decided to work it on linen band. That was when the problems started. Finding linen band of the right size in the UK is not easy and I was told that some had been discontinued. Thank goodness for the internet after some googling I found a linen band at Nordic Needle which would acommodate the number of stitches. One little problem though the stitch count is 24 the pattern says 28. I ordered a yard which is what the original pattern says completely forgetting that a smaller thread count is going to make a larger item. Panic stations! I waited anxiously for the band to arrive. Luckily it will fit but will there be enough silk in the accessory packs to complete the project? I just don't know, which is why I am not stitching anything else until it is finished. When it is I shall be starting my Christmas SAL and working some more on TW's Peacock Tapestry.

The photograph shows the four seasons in the square by Just Nan. I had them framed together because I thought they would take up less room that way.

Our costuming got off to a slow start. Putting the lace round the collars proved a little difficult because of the width of the lace and we did not want to gather it too much. We had difficulty finding a lace with Van Dyke edging but thanks to Ebay the problem was solved. There is not unlimited funding for these costumes so we have to be quite careful in our shopping. I will get my husband to take photographs after the festive season to show our progress.

Evetually following Yoyo's advice I will get round to listing blogs I follow and my favourite designers. Who knows I may become adventurous and set up links!

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  1. The Just Nans look good. Super idea to frame them together, you must be pleased with the result.

    Looking forward to the pics of your collars and any other progress pics you have.

    Hope your 12 Days of Christmas Sampler is doing well. Have you a photo of it?

    Have a lovely Christmas and Happy stitching.