Monday, 30 November 2009

A New Beginning

At long last I am making a start on a blog.I am sure to make many errors on the way. My blog will not be a full blown orchestral version but more like an untuned piano.

I have sewn and embroidered for many years but some time ago I moved from needlepoint to cross stitch, after all there are only so many cushions you need. Some of my sewing has appeared on " I've started so I'll finish eventually " but I do complete projects which have really interested me.

Another hobby is making historical costume for children. These are mainly Tudor with some Victorian as well. My sister helps with this because she is a dab hand at beading and her Tudor hats are fantastic. We are starting making some more costumes this week so I hope to show some of our progress. As the work progresses you will see that these are not quite like you would imagine but all will be revealed over the next two months. They have to be finished by early March all four of them.
I have joined Yoyo's Christmas SAL. The UFO is on I've started soI'll finish but I have another one and I am posting a photo. I have had this in my stash for some time and thought the SAL was a good way of getting it done. I had better get back to my peacock before it becomes a UFO again.


  1. Just popped in to see if you had made a decision on your first Christmas SAL project. Love these birds. Please send me pics of your planned projects, I'm posting up the list of members tomorrow.

  2. Welcome to the 'Land of Blog'. I thought you'd never take the leap, then, low and behold here you are blogging in secret.
    I'm sure it'll be a fab blog. You'll have all sorts of things to show us. Enjoy the ups and downs of costuming and cross stitching and blogging.

    Looking forward to seeing all your interesting pics.

    Happy stitching to you.