Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Soda Pop Santa finished and one I completed earlier

After hours of backstitching and finding half stitches I had missed Santa is finished. I am pleased with him but wonder if the filament and beading were really necessary. Anyway he's ready to be framed and put away ready for next Christmas.

I thought I would show a Dimple Design I finished some time ago. I am really pleased with this one. It was a challenge and once again lots of backstitching. I couldn't believe that the one over one of St Basil's Cathedral was backstitched but it was. Even more unbelievable it actually made a difference. Back to the UFOs.


  1. Both are simply gorgeous! Nice work on Soda Pop Santa. And, is the cathedral in a Faberge style egg? Either way, it's wonderful!!!

  2. All that hard work on the Soda Pop Santa has payed off, he looks great. The egg is also fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the progress on your next project.