Friday, 18 December 2009

Phew! It's finished.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
After sewing like someone demented for just over two weeks the Twelve Days of Christmas is finished. There was enough linen band and silks in the accessory pack to complete the design on 24 count. What a relief!

I am now spoilt for choice as to what to do next. I have my Christmas SAL to do. I have posted a photo of how far I got with the Windswept Santas before putting it away several years ago. I have my TW's Tapestry Peacock (another UFO) but this is going to wait until the New Year when the tree is down and my stand can be put up again.

Windswept Santas

I do want to start something new. I have some Lavender Wings charts of delightful snowmen but I think these can wait a while. I have decided on Soda pop Santa by Dimple Designs. I thought the charts, fabric and threads from Silver Needle were very reasonably priced.

Now the decision is made I just need to start. My conscience tells me I should really finish the first windswept Santa which is nearly complete but I think Soda pop Santa will win, at least for today. I will let you know how I progress.


  1. Absolute beautiful. I like the fabric you chose it looks really good. You'll have it hung on the wall for Christmas lucky you.
    Poor windswept Santa, especially as he's nearly finished, still I expect Soda Pop Santa has something going for him. He sounds quite bubbly (Oops-Sorry).
    Looking forward to progress pic.
    Happy stitching.

  2. That Santa pattern is cool looking, so far! Can't wait to see the finish. And the Twelve Days is wonderful...

  3. Welcome to blogland Granny Anne - hope you keep up with it better than me! I love the 12 Days and can't wait to see it up close and personal.