Monday, 15 March 2010

TUSAL and Before the Last Wind Down

Unfortunately I haven't any shamrock in my garden so I thought I would go for a crock of gold but the sun went in and the crocus closed up. Perhaps the little girl at the back is looking for a leprechaun! My TUSAL seems to be filling up quite quickly possibly because of the wastage from frogging and making blends for the Peacock Tapestry.

I am about to make the last wind down on the peacock tapestry and I am putting a photograph in which, hopefully, will be the last before I can show the completed project. What a happy day that will be.

Because the two projects I am hoping to start when the tapestry is finished are large ones I have bought the 12 teapot designs from JABC and I have made a start on March. I think it is meant to be a crock of gold and you can just see the outline of the shamrock appearing.

On a completely different subject altogether I think we may have had a disastrous winter in the garden. It looks as though our huge New Zealand Flax, which flowered for the first time last year, has succumbed to the hard frost as has one of the bottle brush plants. The sweet bay has been badly affected but we think they will survive. We are half way through March and not one daffodil in flower yet, so much for global warming.
Happy sewing and gardening everyone.


  1. Great progress. No daffodils in my garden either. Don't give up on the flax one of my cordylines was very badly frosted a few years ago and it came again from the bottom a few months later.

  2. You must be pleased with your progress , it's coming to and now. We've no daffodils out yet either but the crocuses have decided to bloom.
    Enjoy your teapots. Looking forward to seeing your next project.
    Happy stitching to you

  3. Great stitching! Hope your garden comes back!